Best Mini Trampolines for Kids in 2020

There was a time when trampolines were too dangerous for kids, but those days are long gone. Over the years we’ve seen a huge push for safety making trampolines much safer for children and adults alike. Many standard features including a thicker pad, better placement, handrail, safety net and ladder makes trampolines as safe as can be which bodes well for parents like me.

Mini trampolines for kids offer much of the same features giving parents a peace of mind. Big names like Little Tikes, Merax, Pure Fun and many others have jumped on the bandwagon and continually strive to make trampolines much safer giving children a fun, safe experience at home. Most would say smaller trampolines are much safer then larger models as they provide less bounce, sit closer to the ground and many include a handrail.

This review details the Best Mini Trampolines for Kids in 2020 which have an emphasis on safety, but don’t detract from a fun experience.
Merax 36-Inch Kid's Mini Exercise Trampoline Portable Trampoline with Handrail Review
Rating 9.2/10
  • Perfect indoor/outdoor activity for kids
  • Sturdy construction
  • Padded handlebar for kids safety
  • It’s made of good quality material
  • Meets all US safety standards
  • Assembling the trampoline is a bit difficult
  • Can only bear 100 pounds

Merax claims the top spot in this review with a tremendous mini trampoline for kids which includes a handrail for improved safety. Scoring a 9.2 out 10 and fetching a perfect consumer 5-star on Amazon, it’s simple to see why it’s so highly rated. Standing out with a safe bounce platform that not only provides hours of enjoyment, but helps improve fitness in children and adults.

The Mini exercise trampoline can be used indoor and outdoor and was built to last. Made of all-premium materials including the mat which will give you years of use and has a great weight capacity. Perfect for the living room our outside and is compact in size making it the perfect travel companion for kids.

Little Tikes 3-Foot Trampoline Review
Rating 8.7/10
  • Large surface area to support kids during their jumps and falls
  • Detachable handlebar to provide extra aid
  • Compact design that consumes minimum space
  • Comes with a wrench to tighten screws
  • Durability
  • Vigorous swinging may cause the swing to tilt

Little Tikes has made a living introducing high-quality products just for children, so it’s no surprise they made this review. This 3-foot trampoline offers a safe, fun experience for children and features a handrail which makes is safer and improves stability. Known to enhance mobility, coordination, endurance and overall physical health which is something that all no age is too young to consider.

This 3-foot bouncer boasts a large jumping area with a stabilizing bar in the middle. The composite metal and plastic construction improves durability while keeping it light enough to easily move, but can only be used indoors. When it comes to safety you know Little Tikes thought of everything which is why this has become a best-selling mini trampoline for kids.

Pure Fun Kids Jumper: 36" Mini Trampoline with Handrail Review
Rating 8.1/10
  • Safe for beginners 
  • Engages all the muscles and keeps them toned
  • Transportable
  • Takes up less space
  • Firm 
  • Not suitable for heavy kids
  • No enclosed structure 

Deserving the 3rd spot in this review with this 36-inch trampoline perfect for kids and adults. Scoring an 8.1 out of 10 and probably one of the biggest bargains in this review with an amazing price tag. At this price you won’t go wrong, especially considering it includes a handrail for added safety and features a unique springless operation which is one less to worry about with your children.

This bouncer comes in highly rated and has become a great seller on Amazon with over 600 all-positive reviews. It passes all standards and is CE certified features a simple and easy assembly that doesn’t require tools. When it comes to fun, you kids will come to appreciate the hours of enjoyment it provides which gives a smooth bounce perfect for entertainment and helping improve coordination, balance, stamina and developing muscles.

Pure Fun Mini Rebounder Trampoline Review
Rating 8.1/10
  • Refreshing
  • Tones your muscles
  • Portable
  • Occupies a small space
  • Secure
  • Has room for max 2 people
  • Springs may get loose

4th in this review is another Pure Fun kid’s trampoline which comes in under $50 for those shopping on a budget. This affordable rebounder is perfect for kids and is available in 38 and 44-inches. This low-impact is much more then just fun as it helps promote a healthier lifestyle, and in this day in age there’s no age to young to start.

The mini rebounder is made of 30 high tension dual-springs and a steel frame which makes it stronger and more durable then other kid’s trampolines. Notable features include a polypropylene that is made of heavy-duty material made to accommodate users to 250 pounds making it perfect for children and adults. One thing to consider if you have younger kids is that it doesn’t include a handrail like other children’s bouncers.

Pure Fun Mini Rebounder Trampoline Review
Rating 7.8/10
  • Easy to assemble
  • Handrail for safety
  • Cushioned pad for safety
  • Can use handrail for pull ups
  • Can adjust the rail to your convenience
  • Has room for max 2 people
  • Springs may get loose

This Pure Fun mini rebounder is a great option for fun and exercise in one. Providing a more stable experience then the one above which includes a handrail that adjusts to the user’s specific height. Other highlights are durable construction including a steel frame and 30 high tension dual-springs along with steel supports with rubber feet.

This bouncer is perfect for kids and can be used indoor and outdoors. Supporting a weight of up to 250 pounds makes gives your children room to grow while proving a safe, fun bouncing experience. This model provides more then just entertainment as it’s been proven bouncers improve cardio, endurance, strength and coordination.

This review of the best mini trampolines for kid’s in 2020 looks at everything from the consumers perspective, especially parents. When considering what our kids want which is more centered around fun, we integrated everything a parent wants has more to do with safety. All the biggest brands were considered and some lesser knowns to bring you yet another comprehensive, unbiased trampoline review.

If you have anything to add or any other questions, why not tell us in the comment section below.


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